The Byzantine Fortress was firstly built in the 6th century on the ruins of the ancient town and is the symbol of the city. Part of this is the 250square meters building. The new owners assigned to us its new use and design transformation. The architectural clue generated classic elegance and symbolic history maintenance. Starting from the color palette, we decided to use dark coloring surfaces illuminated according to the lightning design. Natural fir wood and oak veneer were used in the custom made furniture. The herringbone formation of the wooden table surfaces combined with their delicate steel base are part of the furniture custom design. The fireplace was designed in squared edges, including a vertical nook for wood replacement. The semicircular bar formation with the steel details above it, definitely creates an impressive view. The flooring is detailed designed in a tile blending formation between blue Marazzi tiles and brown textured wood boards.  Remarkable detail is the three-fold picture wall frame, in graphic design which the architect produced and edited. Moreover the big-scale ceiling light, which was custom made according to the architects detailed design. Kitchen and restrooms was designed and constructed according to professional specifications.


Trikala, Greece
Area_ 250 m2
Completed: January 2017
Photos_Maria Irene Moschona



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