Our Libraries


CRS Library: Based in a Catholic Relief Services shelter in Athens, hosting approximately 20 single families and accessibly by over 50 families in nearby CRS shelters, we created a library that contains 320 books in Farsi, Pashto and Arabic and over 600 books in Greek and English. The library is designed to cater for everyone, regardless of their level of education, interests or tastes. We provide children's, classic literature, teen literature, history, cooking, art, literacy, educational, comic books, science fiction, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. 

In July 2017 we opened our new  a new multicultural library with 957 books in 6 languages (Greek, Englsih, Farsi, Dari, Pashto and Arabic). See here the video from the opening day.

Schisto Library: Based in the Schisto Refugee Camp, that hosts 1.000 Afghan refugees in containers, we turned one of the containers in a library itself. It contains over 300 Farsi books and 400 books in Greek and English, including children’s and teen’s books and textbooks, encyclopedias, language learning and Greek culture books. It’s currently run by local volunteers, and training refugees so they eventually can take over running it completely. This library was built thanks to a crowdfunding campaign and book donations from Greek publishers and individuals.