Other Projects

Antigone Project: We collaborated with Antigone, an organization focused on female refugees issues in Northern Greece. We provided over 20 books in Farsi and Arabic on women’s health, literacy, etc.

Melissa Project: We also collaborated with Melissa, an organization focused on women and children refugees’ issues in Athens. We provided over 50 books in Farsi, Arabic, Greek and English of several topics and levels.

Conferences: As part of the conference on Library Services to Refugees & Immigrants, held at Goethe Institute in Athens, we participated in the workshop topic of library fundraising. This was one part of four fifteen-person workshop groups. Attendees of the workshops comprised of municipality officers, librarians, teachers, and other interested persons

Publishing houses: We are working with the majority of the publishing houses in Greece for donations of children’s books. So far we have received a significant amount of English and French children’s books, that the publishing houses use for translation purposes to the greek language. This has zero cost for them. So far we have collected more than 350 English and Greek books.

We need books

We Need Books is an Athens based NGO that believes that multicultural spaces and books serve several important functions that can be of great benefit to all layers of the population of the city, including marginalized and vulnerable populations such as the approximate 55,000 refugees living in Greece.

Over the last year, the organization has collected over 10,000 books, created small libraries, participated in conferences, started fundraising, and established We Need Books as an official NGO.

Be inspired?

Since 2016, We Need Books has collected over 10,000 books in over 10 languages, including Arabic, Farsi, English, German and French.

We have opened two libraries, one in Schisto and one in a CRS run shelter, established a good network with other Greek NGOs, and has participated in numerous conferences, workshops and think-tanks around immigration.

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