We Need Books

Build an inclusive community, spark imagination and empower
refugees and migrants.

We Need Books

Build an inclusive community, spark imagination and empower
refugees and migrants.

We Need Books

Build an inclusive community, spark imagination and empower
refugees and migrants.

Who Are We ?

We Need Books is an Athens based NGO that believes that multicultural spaces and books serve several important functions that can be of great benefit to all layers of the population of the city, including marginalized and vulnerable populations such as the approximate 55,000 refugees living in Greece.

Over the last year, the organization has collected over 10,000 books, created small libraries, participated in conferences, started fundraising, and established We Need Books as an official NGO.


We Need Books was conceived in 2015 with the aim to encourage individuals and communities to grow and integrate through education.

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We Need Books was founded by Ioanna and Nadir, a team with different backgrounds that came together to help people to thrive.

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We Need Books’ vision is to build an inclusive community and provide access to knowledge in spaces that encourage communication.

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Our Projects

Since 2016, We Need Books has collected over 10,000 books in over 10 languages, including Arabic, Farsi, English, German and French. We have opened two libraries, one in Schisto and one in a CRS run shelter, established a good network with other Greek NGOs, and has participated in numerous conferences, workshops and think-tanks around immigration.

In July 2017, We Need Books opened a new multicultural library with 957 books in 6 languages (Greek, Englsih, Farsi, Dari, Pashto and Arabic).


We are very proud for our work so far! In Schisto camp and CRS are two fully operated libraries accessible to children and adults.

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Our goal and passion is education so we are involved in various educational projects that take place in Athens.

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What People Have Said About Us..

“Books are a bridge between all people, they are an essential link for civilization and culture. This initiative is different but essential to integration.” – Lefteris Papagiannakis

Vice Mayor for Migrants, Refugees & Municipal Decentralization

“May people read more, learn, to be guided in other lives..”

– Alexandra Aygerinou

PR Manager of Dioptra Publications

Get Involved

At We Need Books we are doing great things everyday, like shipping new and second-hand books from the globe to Greece, opening satellite libraries, creating reading spaces, networking, and establishing partnerships with other NGOs, local leaders and much more. This is a major effort, therefore we rely on the generosity of people who provide various ways of funding to help our mission come alive and grow. If you value education, culture and like our project, you can contribute to our cause in several ways.

If you like fashion get for you and your friends t-shirts with our cool logo to help us buy more books! You can order your new cool t-shirt here today!

Special Thanks to

Metaixmio Publications
Geniki Taxydromiki
Psichogios Publications
Kedros Publications

Dioptra Publications
InterLit Foundation
Casa de Palavras
2nd Experimental High School of Athens
4th Senior High School of Alimos

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